Mature-age Shoemaking Courses

Shoemaking is an art that so perfectly blends design and functionality. Come and learn from our wonderfully skilled and creative trainers how to take a piece of leather and then design and craft it into a beautiful pair of shoes.

Designing and making shoes can not only take you into a variety of trades like shoe repairing, orthopaedic shoemaking, or bespoke shoemaking. But it can also launch you anywhere in the TCF (Textile Clothing & Footwear) industry like fashion design, textile production, or even millinery.

These courses are for those interested in a more intimate class size (min. 4 – max. 10)* start dates will be set once we have enough students to fill a class. Use the contact page to let us know what course you are interested in. Courses include;

  • Sandal making
  • Court shoe making
  • Custom shoe design and pattern making
  • Boot making
  • Derbys and Oxfords

*Start dates can be subject to change, emails will be sent to those enrolled prior to date of any changes.

Other Shoesmaking Courses