About Us

Our History

The vision for Tactile Learning Centre was born in early 2000 when Gordon Kelly (Founding Director) visited a community initiative in LA called the Dream Centre. Gordon was inspired by the people at the Dream Centre who used their skills to help give those in need opportunity. In returning to Australia Gordon decided that through training he could use the skills he had to give opportunity to those who needed it most. The training was to be a Tactile experience involving hands-on learning coupled with support and mentoring. Fast-track 20 years and we have not drifted from our original vision. Over the years Gordon's sons, Andrew and David, sharing the same vision have joined the team and brought a fresh enthusiasm. Our team of trainers has continued to grow with people with skills and passions which align with ours. As we train more and more students each year our focus on the individual students only increases.

Our Values


We believe that if everyone cared a little about others the world would be a better place.


We believe everyone is born to create, and that people find fulfilment when given the opportunity and space to be creative.


We believe that to make true impact, initiatives must be sustainable. The limit on the effect that sustainable initiatives can have is endless.

Our Staff

The way we maintain alignment to our values as a business is by having a unified and personal body of staff. Each of our staff have their own stories to tell and have shown dedication and commitment to the vision to support and train students for a better future.

Alex Gonzalez

Alex Gonzalez grew up in Bogota, Colombia, where he learned from an early age that if he wanted something, he…
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Andrew Kelly

Andrew has gained experience working in cafes and restaurants around Brisbane for the past twelve years. Having opened and run…
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David Kelly

David has specialised footwear design and production skills and has used those skills to teach footwear repair and production for…
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Gordon Kelly

Gordon Kelly is the founding director of Tactile Learning Centre. Gordon is a highly skilled craftsman in both leather-craft and…
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Josiah Kelly

Josiah is well-versed in the Footwear repair and Leather production industries. With experience in multiple shoe repair stores around Brisbane,…
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Mark Prasse

Mark Prasse has hospitality in his blood. Born and raised in Vienna Austria, Mark decided at a young age that…
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