Bicycle Mechanics AUR20716 Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation
Price$3270 - Funded

This AUR20716 Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation course is designed to systematically take you through all the systems and components of bicycles.

After going through the 12 units of competency you should be able to diagnose, service, and repair all of the most common problems and faults to be encountered with bicycles.

As a part of the training, you will also be introduced to the major systems of automotive mechanics as well. Meaning that your pathways are not limited to only bicycle mechanics, but includes all mechanical trade pathways.

Deliver Modes:

  • Face-to-Face

Class size:

  • 10 – 15 Students


  • Within School: 1 day per week over 2 terms or 1/2 day per week over a full school year
  • External to school: 2 x 10 day intensives

Units of competency:

  • Core:
  1. AURASA002 Follow Safe Working Practices in an Automotive Workplace
  2. AURAFA003 Communicate Effectively in an Automotive Workplace
  3. AURAEA002 Follow Environmental and Sustainability Best Practice in an Automotive Workplace
  4. AURTTK002 Use and Maintain Tools and Equipment in an Automotive Workplace
  5. AURETR003 Identify Automotive Electrical Systems and Components
  6. AURLTA001 Identify Automotive Mechanical Systems and Components
  7. AURAFA004 Resolve Routine Problems in an Automotive Workplace
  • Electives:
  1. AURBTK001 Maintain Specialised Bicycle Repair Tools and Equipment
  2. AURBTA001 Remove and Tag Bicycle Components
  3. AURBTV001 Remove, Refit and Adjust Bicycle Accessories
  4. AURBTQ001 Service Bicycle Drivetrain Systems
  5. AURBTJ001 Remove, Repair, and Refit Bicycle Tyres


  • Fee for service: $3270.00
  • Funded: This course is funded by the Queensland Government under the Queensland Vet Investment Plan. Under the VETiS Program, eligible applicants can participate in this course free of charge. For more information about funding visit Student Information.

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